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Control system

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    asphalt plant


Overall scheme diagram of our electronic control system:

Electronic control system of ZOOMLINE Company consists of two parts, which is strong current part and weak current part.

The strong current part 

1. Strong current cabinet adopts enhanced design, which is more solid and durable. 

2. The main breaker switch is opened and closed by power operated; increasing remote control device next to the computer, power can reduce accident frequency in case of emergency.

3. The panel of low-voltage AC power distributing cabinet is equipped with voltmeter, ammeter, hertz meter to monitor the load condition of the main power.

4. Inside the low-voltage AC power distributing cabinet is equipped with inspection lighting, the fluorescent light automatically light when you open the cabinet door, in the same way, the light will close when you close the door. The power distributing cabinet is also equipped with high-efficiency ventilating fan to facilitate heat dissipation.

5. The motor is equipped with current monitor. By the current transducer, the signal is translated into standard signal which is entering into the PLC and the current magnitude is shown in the computer. 

6. The work motor push button is controlled in the panel of low-voltage AC power distributing cabinet as well as in the computer. 

7. The electrical components and PLC components are SIEMENS ELECTRIC, and the bottom and intermediate relay is Schneider Electric.

8. The control wire and main return conductor are collected the terminal in wiring duct, no exposure, more beauty and safety.

Weak current part 

1. For weak current part,adopting high performance host computer, which is equipped with printer and UPS-DP.

2. PLC is Siemens series modules which have the function of remote fault detection. 

3. The external signals enter into PLC; there are material shortage, temperature (Aggregate temperature, hot aggregate bin temperature, bitumen temperature and bag filter temperature), motor start signal, hot aggregate bin upper and lower level indication, mixer switch position indication, load cell and part of the motor current monitoring etc.

4. PLC output signals have motor-start, batching system electromagnetic valve, cold aggregate ingredients inverter frequency, telecommunication etc.

The control software programming has the following function

1.The software languages are Chinese, English or any other language as you requested.

2.Diagram dynamic flow.

3.All weighing units (aggregate, filler, and bitumen) are adjusted by the computer.

4.In automatic production control process, appropriate manual intervention is accepted according to the situation, such as discharge can be delayed when the skip does not reach the designated position, you also can add or subtract asphalt, modified mixing time and discharge time.

5.When the whole equipment has a failure, the system automatically shows the failure part and text description. 

6.Realize the batching, feeding, mixing and discharging process automatic control and continuous production.

7.The falling head for batching and discharging can be automatically corrected, or manually adjusted. 

8.The change of batching and discharge can be analog display.

9.The set value, metering value, actual weight, required production and production can be dynamic real-time display

10.Can set automatic print for material list and detailed data of production.

11.Randomly store production table and user table. 

12.Displaying or printing the production report and user report of anytime.

13.Production data can be auto saved.

14.A new production plan can be automatically started during production.

15.It can save one thousand kinds of formulations, at the same time mixing ratio can be set or modified during production.

Control Room 

1.Container modular design; sturdy and durable(insulation layer),Steel Security Doors and solid wood floor.

2. The roof of the control room adopts special designed water-proof structure. 

3. Reserved place for air condition and protective screening.

4. Two sides of the control room are equipped with windows, double glass, sound proof and heat insulation, more saving energy and environmental protection. The windows are equipped with removable type protection plate and more safety.

No. Item Brand Remark
1 Electrical components SIMENS Germany
3 Touch Screen ORMON Japan
4 Weighing model TOLEDO USA
5 Frequency transformer Schneider French
6 Printer Brother China
7 Air condition Midea China
8 Cabinet ZOOMLINE China
9 Room ZOOMLINE China


Control system




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