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Purchase of coal burner for asphalt plant


Country: Kazakhstan

Transaction time: January 2023

Product: New type coal burner

Model: MFR-S1000

Voltage & Frequency: 380V/50Hz

Purchase of coal burner for asphalt plant

MFR-S series coal burner is a new type of coal burner independently developed and designed by our company on the basis of many years of production experience. This series of coal burner has automatic control, fewer wearing parts, Smaller installation location, higher combustion efficiency and other advantages.

MFR-S series coal burner is composed of burner host, diesel ignition system, pulverized coal machine, coal supply screw, coal pipe, automatic control cabinet, automatic coal supply hopper and other components. Among them, the automatic coal supply hopper can be manufactured locally by customers, thereby reducing the total investment in equipment.

Purchase of coal burner for asphalt plant

This new type of coal burner was purchased by the customer from our company and put into operation in 2019. It has been in operation until now and it is the first time to purchase accessories. The quality and combustion efficiency of the burner have been fully affirmed by the customer. Compared with the oil burner used by the customer before, the coal burner saves a large part of the fuel input for the customer, and at the same time greatly improves the profit margin of the customer.

At present, our company develops and produces coal burners, coal-oil dual-purpose burners, coal-gas dual-purpose burners, and coal-oil-gas three-purpose burners, which have won unanimous praise from customers in practical applications.

Purchase of coal burner for asphalt plant

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