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Coal Burner Delivered To Kazakhstan Press Release


Country: Kazakhstan

Turnover time: August, 2021

Product: MFR-S Coal Burner


Voltage and Frequency: 380V/50Hz

Coal Burner Delivered To Kazakhstan Press Release

Coal is an important non-renewable energy source. Because of its high calorific value, low price advantages are widely used in metallurgy, chemistry, drying, papermaking, boiler, asphalt mixing plant and other industries.

With the progress of society and more and more high to the requirement of environmental protection, our company of traditional coal burner was redesigned and modified, abandoned the traditional burner parts, many faults, large volume, inconvenient maintenance also greatly improve the combustion efficiency of pulverized coal, help buyers to save costs at the same time also more conducive to environmental protection.


The new type of coal burner is equipped with integrated Siemens PLC and touch screen, which can achieve true meaning of full automation control.  At present, our company has developed and produced coal burner, kerosene dual-use burner, gas dual-use burner, coal oil and gas three-use burner, in the practical application of the customer's consistent high praise.


At present, our new coal burner has been successfully applied in boiler, paper making, asphalt mixing plant, drying and other industries.